Flying Start to Literacy: PHONICS™

Flying Start to Literacy: PHONICS™ follows a scope and sequence of skills and knowledge from common sounds of consonants and vowels to less common letter sounds. Each teaching unit supports the explicit and systematic teaching of phonological awareness, phonics, morphology, and high-utility words, and 70 decodable texts support your students along the way.

All the key components of a rich Foundational Skills resource are covered. Students are encouraged to explore oral language with rhymes and chants, to build vocabulary, and to engage in phonological awareness activities.


Assessment allows for the placement of students within the program, organizing them for learning, and monitoring their progress. Flying Start to Literacy: PHONICS™ follows an explicit and systematic phonic progression that flows seamlessly into the Flying Start to Literacy™ small group reading resource.

What and when are the students reading?

Exciting, engaging decodable books provide a foundation for beginning readers as they progress to independent reading in later primary grades. The books match the teaching sequence and support the students as they put what has been learned into practice. The seventy decodable books support the letter-sound correspondences and high-utility words taught throughout the program and allow students to use their decoding and word recognition skills to develop fluency and comprehension. The student texts are 100% decodable when the sequence of instruction has been followed.